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The Art of Being Stubborn (for the Right Reasons)

The Art Of Being Stubborn (for The Right Reasons)

Being a nonconformist can certainly be a point of pride for many. It gives them a sense of identity and individuality that sets them apart from the pack. However, like many things in life, there's a balance that needs to be struck.

Refusing to conform can sometimes lead to stubbornness or resistance to change. If there's no good reason behind it, being a nonconformist can just be plain stupidity. It's important to have a conviction with a purpose.

Too often, people cling to their ways without any justification, simply because they want to prove themselves right or be perceived as different. But if one is not connected with their sense of self and is simply floating through life, I see no reason for them to resist change.

It's easy to understand why some people fall into this trap. Winning can be addictive. But without a good reason to back it up, winning for the sake of winning is an empty victory.

As my dad often says, it's okay to be stubborn. In fact, having conviction is an admirable quality, but don't be stubborn and stupid at the same time. At least be stubborn for a good reason.

When we resist change, we limit our growth and potential. It's essential to keep an open mind and to know when to adapt. Success is not solely achieved by the amount of resistance one can muster against changing elements. There must be premises to one's point, there has to be substance, and conviction must have rooted in truth.

Maybe I should illustrate this point with a hypothetical example. Let's say you're working for a company that's going through major changes. The new CEO has different ideas about how things should be done. But because you don't want to conform, you resist the changes and continue to operate as you always have.

However, this approach can be disastrous for you because the company is moving in a new direction, and your failure to adapt could cost you your job. In this scenario, there is no point in resisting change just because you don't want to conform, especially if there's no purpose to back it up.

The key is to have conviction in your beliefs but to remain flexible and adaptable. Being open to new ideas and anticipating change is key in both personal and career growth. Balancing steadfastness and fluid action is a delicate art; in doing so, one can thrive in evolving environments.

In summary, being a nonconformist is not necessarily a bad thing, but it cannot be taken to the point of stupidity. Stubbornness, without a good reason, is foolish. There must be conviction backed up by purpose. While striving to be unique be open to changing environments and open to the immense possibilities that can follow.

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