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Perks and Troubles of Looking Younger Than My Age

Perks And Troubles Of Looking Younger Than My Age

Perks and Troubles of Looking Younger Than My Age

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what age you actually look like? Well, that's a situation I find myself in quite often. You see, sometimes I feel glad that I look way younger than my age. It often allows me to see through people, especially those that underestimate my intelligence and potentials.

I recently had an interesting encounter that perfectly illustrates this point. There was this lady who seemed to think she could boss me around like I'm a child. I could have sworn that she's only about a year older than me. It was quite amusing, to be honest. I mean, she must have been very convinced that she had the authority to dictate my actions. Of course I resisted the urge to confront her and chose to maintain my cool. After all, I wouldn't want to stoop to her level. But deep down, I couldn't help but smile at the absurdity. It was a reminder that looks can be deceiving, and age doesn't necessarily determine one's capabilities.

This incident also reminded me of another occasion when a group of bratty kids decided to play pranks on me. To them, it would be hilarious to treat me like their peer with their childishness. The fact that they mistook me for someone their age was both amusing and flattering. But well, I'm well aware of the challenges that come with looking younger than my actual age anyways.

Also, another aspect of my age that often catches people off guard is my voice. Unlike many of my peers, I don't possess that deep, masculine baritone voice. In fact, quite the opposite. I often find myself being addressed as a woman when speaking on the phone with someone who doesn't know me. I can't help but wonder where I was when my mates were developing their voices. I guess I missed that memo. But hey, that's a topic for another day. lol.

Despite the occasional demerits of looking younger than my age, I firmly believe that the merits far surpass them. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to socially blend in with almost any age group. Whether I'm interacting with teenagers, young adults, or even older individuals, I've always found it relatively easy to establish a connection.

The ability to blend in with various age groups has also opened up numerous opportunities for me by allowing me broaden my horizons, gain diverse perspectives, and develop a deeper understanding of people from different walks of life.

Of course, there are moments when I yearn to be taken more seriously, to have my opinions valued without any preconceived notions on my appearance. But then I remind myself that age is just a number. It doesn't define who I am or what I'm capable of achieving.

Looking younger than my age has its fair share of challenges, but I've obviously accepted it as a part of who I am.

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  1. Eunice

    Funny and awesome piece! ๐Ÿ˜
    And, I have a similar case.
    But the main thing I enjoy about looking younger, is the fact that most times, I’m often get dismissal from things that I actually find stupid.

    Often times, I find popular things to be really overhyped and of no real worth to me. So, when I find someone who thinks in a popular way, or when I fail popular expectations, I’m reassured of being on the right path.

    I think it takes someone with a keen eyes or a developed mind, a system that is well designed to really identify and honour brilliance in all shapes and manner they come and it is such people and systems that I want to associate myself with or be popular among.

    From a boy I had a serious crush on, telling me he “sees me as his younger sister”, to me being denied leadership positions because they want someone who “looks more fierce”, to me being seen as a child “doing too much” and “being too daring”, all of these instances after the heat of moment, pushes me more away from mainstream opinions and even the people that bears them, as I find them really flawed.

    Lastly, I love how open minded it has taught me to be too โ€” I often get to look past the book cover, before passing a final judgement, so I won’t be like the people I criticize.

    • Brendan

      Thank you so much for your opinions.
      You see that your last line? Spot on! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸพThat is also one thing I have learned from all these experiences, not to do the exact from people I criticise.

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