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My Ideal Home Design Vision

My Ideal Home Design Vision

When I envision my dream home, there are a few key features that I believe would make it truly unique and functional. One aspect that I feel strongly about is the concept of open living spaces. I believe that the only rooms that should have doors are the bedrooms, as these are the spaces where privacy is most needed.

For instance, I don't see a need for a door leading to the master bathroom. After all, it's an en-suite bathroom meant solely for me and my wife. Who else would be using it to take a shower? By eliminating the need for a bathroom door, we can create a seamless flow and an open, airy feel within the space.

Many people underestimate just how much time can be saved with a studio home design. Also, by removing unnecessary barriers, such as doors, it becomes easier to see, hear, and digest what is happening around us in a family setting. For example, in an open living room, it would be nearly impossible for my daughter to sneak a man in through the kitchen backdoor without me noticing. This type of design encourages transparency and communication among family members.

Another important aspect of my dream home is having the master bedroom located on the ground floor. This allows me to stay connected to the foundation of my home and be aware of everything happening on the ground floor. I believe that anyone coming in late at night would have to enter through the ground floor, making it important for me to hear the sound of their arrival. By having the master bedroom situated downstairs, I can maintain a sense of security and awareness in my home.

Furthermore, I would love to have the entrance to the pool and outdoor recreation area directly connected to the backdoor of my bedroom. Why would I want to climb stairs every time I want to enjoy a simple moment of relaxation? By seamlessly integrating the outdoor space with my bedroom, I can easily step outside and unwind without any unnecessary hassle – feel free to call me lazy. Lol

I must acknowledge that my imagination knows no bounds. Finding an architect or real estate consultant who can bring my vision to life may be a challenge because they will need to have an open mind – wish me luck!

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