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Embracing Winter Nostalgia: Why I Miss the Cold

Embracing Winter Nostalgia Why I Miss The Cold

People look at me crazy whenever I say that I miss the winter. As a Nigerian man, I find it hard to embrace the so-called warmth of spring and summer. Let's be real, 15° is not exactly beach weather for me. Even when it reaches a relatively warmer 22°, the heat inside the house can become unbearable, especially without air conditioning. Opening windows for fresh air brings in unwanted noise, flies, and insects. So, let's dive into the debate and ask ourselves, are spring and summer time truly worth it?

1. The Nigerian Perspective:
As a Nigerian, the typical warm temperatures of spring and summer don't always align with my preference for comfort. When it's just 13°, I can hardly imagine going shirtless on the beach like white people do. We're used to warmer climates, and that's where our comfort lies. So, is it fair to expect me to embrace temperatures that are still far from what I consider warm?

2. The Heat Dilemma:
Spring and summer can bring scorching heat, making daily life quite challenging. In the UK, hardly would you find homes with air conditioning, so it's difficult to find relief indoors. Then opening windows for ventilation becomes a double-edged sword, as it invites in pesky insects and outside sounds like speeding cars and sounds of the wind. The struggle between heat and comfort becomes a constant battle during these seasons.

3. Winter's Cozy Comfort:
Winter, on the other hand, offers a different kind of comfort. With functioning heating systems, it's easier to keep warm indoors. Proper clothing can easily ward off the cold when you're outside, and stepping outside into a chilly breeze after some physical work can be refreshing rather than uncomfortable. Winter provides an opportunity to snuggle up and enjoy cozy indoor lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed by the heat, especially if you have a functioning heating system.

4. A Matter of Preference:
The debate between the seasons ultimately boils down to personal preference of course. Some people thrive in warmer climates, enjoying the vibrant energy and outdoor activities that come with spring and summer. Others, like me, find solace in the chilled embrace of winter. This is where we should recognise that people have different preferences when it comes to everything in life.

5. Finding the Middle Ground:
While it's easy to take sides in the winter versus spring/summer debate, finding a middle ground can be the key to a more enjoyable experience. Embracing the best of both worlds, such as seeking shade and cool spots during warmer months or enjoying indoor activities during winter, can provide a balance that suits individual preferences. Ultimately, it's about making the most of each season and finding personal comfort within them.

The nostalgia for winter is not uncommon, even in the face of spring and summer's warmth. While some may relish in the energy and outdoor activities that spring and summer bring, others find comfort in the chillness of winter. Again, everyone have their own preferences and probably struggling to find a balance that suits personal comfort. So, whether you're a lover of cold or a fan of warmth, finding joy in each season is what truly matters.

Which season do you prefer?

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